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What we’re doing:
Enrollment Campaign

Enrollment Campaign

“Working with the team at Cyberwoven is a wonderful experience. Their professionalism, creativity, and market knowledge will drive your organization to meet its goals. They focus on finding the best resolution to help your program reach its fullest potential.”

Joanna Scott, Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work, University of Southern California


The Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work is known for cultivating true champions of social justice, but enrollment at the school was stagnant and enrollment in the Master of Social Work program was on the decline. The School partnered with Cyberwoven to launch a reimaged Master of Social Work program, grow enrollment, establish a presence in San Diego, and build its national reputation.

Social workers make a real difference in the community. They are the drivers of real change, through their unrelenting advocacy work, within the nation’s most overlooked communities. Known for its innovative teaching and transformative research opportunities, USC’s Master of Social Work program empowers students to pursue bold and compassionate solutions to complex social challenges.

Facebook Carousel

Facebook Carousel

Messaging Samples

Messaging Samples

Email and LinkedIn Campaigns

Email and LinkedIn Campaigns

Digital Ads

Digital Ads


Growing Together

Cyberwoven met the goals of the School of Social Work by developing a holistic marketing strategy that included:

  • a digital foundation for scaling and repeatability,
  • an expansion of the market’s impact,
  • establishing a unified funnel and messaging process, and
  • targeted advertising opportunities geared toward specific personas.

Combined, the team created optimal conversion rates that led to an increase in enrollment for USC.

Enrollment Marketing

Enrollment Marketing requires lead nurturing along every step, from impressions to commitment. With this in mind, Cyberwoven implemented easier tour requests, email marketing automation, content, and landing pages built around conversions. Setting USC’s School of Social Work apart from the rest, these pages focused on both the benefits of attending USC and the career opportunities gained from enrolling in the Master of Social Work program.

How do you tailor a campaign to correlate with the steps of enrollment?

Digital Ads

Digital Ads


Increased Engagement, Improved Understanding

The campaign led to a substantive increase in site traffic and conversions compared to previous years. In addition, prospective students had more informed conversations with the admissions team due to the robust email nurture program.

Above Industry Average Results

Through an effective strategy and continuous optimization, USC’s School of Social Work campaigns produced results above the industry average for higher education.

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