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Working Together to Guarantee Good

What we did:
Midlands Reading Consortium Campaign

Midlands Reading Consortium Campaign

"Cyberwoven has been a valued partner for years. In addition to creating beautiful websites and digital creative, they’ve really taken the time to understand and engage in United Way’s mission. That’s what makes their work feel so genuine and helps us connect with our supporters on a much more meaningful level."

Joey Wallace, VP, Digital Strategy & Communications, United Way of the Midlands


United Way of the Midlands is a local charitable organization that serves the Midlands in South Carolina, filling the gaps between government services and smaller, niche nonprofits. 

United Way needed a partner who understood the organization's value in the community and could effectively communicate it across platforms and initiatives. Cyberwoven was proud to fill this role—creating the organization's public website, a hub for employer campaigns, and a variety of marketing materials. 



Annual Report

Annual Report

Books and Brackets Campaign

Books and Brackets Campaign

Employer Campaign Hub

Employer Campaign Hub


Showcasing a Vibrant "Way of Life"

Working in tandem with United Way, Cyberwoven built a website that embodies United Way of the Midlands' mission and vision: creating meaningful change. The new site showcases the organization's impact on the community and inspires users to become active agents of change through volunteering, donating, and participating in United Way programming.

Understanding that humans are naturally generous, the team leveraged basic psychological principles to position United Way as a "way of life" within the community. Here's how

  • Transparency Fuels Trust: We prominently featured United Way's impressive four-star charity ranking, building trust and confidence in their work.
  • Local Impact, Lasting Change: We highlighted United Way's local programs, quantifying their impact and showing donors exactly how their contributions are making a difference.
  • Breaking Cycles, Building Futures: United Way's comprehensive blueprint for creating generational change was emphasized. Donors were now able to see how their contributions were helping to break the cycle of crisis faced by families in their own community.

Beyond the initial launch, the team enhanced the website to support workplace campaigns – a key pillar of United Way's fundraising strategy. These short-term fundraising efforts, spearheaded by local organizations and backed by United Way staff, are crucial for mobilizing resources. We streamlined the process by developing functionalities that offload administrative burdens from employers, making it easier for them to run successful campaigns.

Fundraising Made Easy 

Cyberwoven digitized the process with a centralized online hub dedicated to helping employers run successful campaigns. With a unique login, employers receive step-by-step instructions for every part of the campaign—from pre-campaign planning to hosting campaign events to making an effective final push for donations. The hub is chock full of resources for example emails, talking points, and event ideas. 

In addition to these internal resources, we created an external-facing webpage for workplaces to customize and share with their employees. The page's fundraising thermometer motivates employees to meet their goals. Plus, it includes campaign events, volunteer opportunities, and campaign facts and figures to keep employees engaged throughout the campaign. 

“I really love the addition of the hub/portal. It's easy to use and helped streamline what I have to do as a campaign director.”

Guarantee Good Campaign

Guarantee Good Campaign


Together We Thrive

In October of 2022, Cyberwoven helped United Way launch a new digital marketing campaign called "Guarantee Good," aimed at increasing the organization's amount of donations and expanding its volunteer base. So far, the campaign has generated an impressive 76.1% year-over-year increase in website donations since November 2022.

Additionally, United Way's new campaign hub continues to help employers run effective campaigns that benefit the Midlands and bring colleagues together. 

One of the largest employer campaigns saw a 223% increase in donations in their first year using the hub and a customized campaign page. With annual surveys, the team gains valuable feedback that allows us to continue to successfully improve the hub experience and the organization's overall giving. 

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