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Building the Pipeline of Trained Caregivers in South Carolina

What we did:
Visual Identity

Visual Identity


South Carolina is experiencing one of the highest nursing shortages in the nation. As the state continues to grow, we are seeing a deficit of nursing staff who can provide the quality of care residents deserve. That’s why DHEC and the CDC stepped in with the help of the University of South Carolina's College of Nursing to equip more caregivers for this state.

Palmetto Caregivers began as a solution, offering a free pathway for applicants to become Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) in just two months. It is truly a partnership among changemakers, one that entails: 

  • SC DHEC and the CDC providing a grant to cover the cost of training and certification
  • USC partnering with a network of training facilities across South Carolina
  • Cyberwoven developing a comprehensive brand, web, and marketing package

Together, the team is mobilizing CNAs for the good of all South Carolinians. 

Facebook Carousel

Facebook Carousel

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising


A Noble Campaign

The goal of Palmetto Caregivers is to create 3,000 new CNAs across South Carolina by providing access to free training and testing. The impact of this program will transform care facilities, SC residents, and future employees alike—the jobs are here, waiting to be filled.

So, the team at Cyberwoven set out to share this opportunity with CNA candidates across numerous demographics, zip codes, and digital platforms. The team broadcasted several key messages over seven ad channels, directing users to the new Palmetto Caregivers website and registration platform in order to create a seamless transition from marketing to conversion.

From Idea to Identity

We began with the most foundational brand elements. This was an opportunity to capture the essence of what the program means for our community. The name, Palmetto Caregivers, highlights the caring nature of CNAs and emphasizes their value across the Palmetto State. Our design team created a visual identity that evokes warmth, accessibility, and compassion. Following this momentum, Cyberwoven produced a full collection of written material, visuals, and a website in a matter of weeks. The work also included:

  • Branded flyers, emails, and PowerPoint template
  • Advertising through Google search and programmatic display, social media and remarketing, radio, and video
  • Content-managed website for program details, engagement opportunities, and an interactive map 

What do caregivers care about?






Going Strong 

Palmetto Caregivers has the potential to generate a transformative impact on our community. Since the large-scale goals of this project are years in the making, we are delighted to have been a catalyst during its beginnings. Additionally, the team is already seeing awareness, engagement, registrants, and soon-to-be CNAs on the rise. This positive momentum has us excited for the future of this program.

Cyberwoven tailor-made a strategy that would drive the desired outcome, meeting the immediate needs of the team. The mission of Palmetto Caregivers truly benefits everyone—producing more jobs, better service, and elevated care for all South Carolinians. 

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