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Empowering Seniors and Caregivers

What we did:
GetCareSC brand identity

GetCareSC brand identity

"There are services available to help seniors in South Carolina, but you have to know where to look. With GetCareSC, we created a directory with comprehensive, up-to-date information for seniors and caregivers."

-Lisa Thomason, Senior Content Strategist, Cyberwoven


The Department on Aging provides support for South Carolina’s senior citizens, but they knew there was a gap between the services provided across South Carolina and public awareness of those services. Their vision was to create a comprehensive hub where seniors and caregivers could effortlessly find help.

The result is GetCareSC: a friendly, consumer-facing brand, complemented by a search-driven website that seamlessly links visitors with local service providers.

GetCareSC Website

GetCareSC Website

GetCareSC Handout

GetCareSC Handout


Cyberwoven conducted focus groups with seniors and caregivers to discuss the biggest barriers to access. Caregivers said they were not aware of respite options, and that they felt isolated—left to their own devices to navigate a maze of options for their loved ones. 

These candid conversations defined the guiding light for this project: make it easier to find help.

We developed a consumer-facing brand and website—GetCareSC. The name "GetCareSC" was chosen to be descriptive and inclusive since the site's audience isn't just seniors, but also caregivers and people with disabilities. The GetCareSC brand uses primary colors to convey optimism and simple language to describe services.

Separating the administrative requirements of the government office from the practical, public-facing information was a key insight. We created a separate website for agency business in order to keep the mission of GetCareSC focused: a comprehensive, accessible directory for services.


  • Users may not know exactly what they need, so there are options to search by keyword or browse by category. 
  • Zip code lookup shows relevant local options. 
  • Accessibility is important, so we included an option to increase the text size sitewide. 
  • A new guide to services addresses the most common issues, including assisted living, elder abuse, and caregiver support.
  • Finding a bed in a care facility is an ongoing issue. Our facility locator tool, powered by a continuously updated database, provides users with real-time information on the number of beds available for each type of patient.
  • Since some people prefer to call, we added the option to connect with their local Area Agency on Aging, where they can speak one-on-one with a specialist.
GetCareSC Billboard

GetCareSC Billboard



Cyberwoven delivered a full marketing rollout strategy to promote the new website. The approach was twofold, with communications that informed both internal stakeholders and the broader public. Additionally, we suggested strategies to make the most of the attention around the new site, such as media partnerships that could extend our reach.

  • Press Packets
  • Style Guide/Brand Logos
  • Banner Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Billboards
  • Sample Content for Partners

GetCareSC Website