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Branding the Facts of Life

What we did:
Fact Forward

Fact Forward


In collaboration with Fact Forward, formerly known as "The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy," Cyberwoven embarked on a transformative rebranding journey, setting a new course for an organization poised for growth. The goal? To reposition Fact Forward as a leader in adolescent reproductive health, both within South Carolina and beyond its borders. 

The name "Fact Forward" is emblematic of the organization's unwavering commitment to evidence-based solutions and its proactive approach to not just teen pregnancy but a multitude of adolescent health issues. This name is both encompassing and versatile, designed to facilitate the organization’s broader agenda for the future.

Fact Forward Annual Report

Fact Forward Annual Report

Fact Forward Logo

Fact Forward Logo


A New Name

When it came to renaming the organization, the team ultimately decided a clean break with the old brand was the best option. This approach freed the client from associations tied to their old name and also paved the way for building strong relationships with partners outside the state.

The name "Fact Forward" signifies the client's use of evidence-based resources and their proactive approach to adolescent reproductive health. The name is also broad enough to encompass a variety of health topics, allowing the organization room to expand its scope in the future.

A Fresh Look

The new brand color is a neon green gradient—the bright green is a crisp nod to youth, while the gradient represents transition. The logo indicates forward movement with a staircase pattern, symbolizing the journey of adolescents toward adulthood.

Fact Forward Academy

Fact Forward Academy



Cyberwoven created a comprehensive rollout campaign for the new brand and website; one that included communications with internal stakeholders and donors. External communications were focused on partner organizations, like schools and health clinics, with tailored messaging for each constituency. Additionally, the team included marketing tools, messaging guides, and leave-behinds to make introductions more seamless.

Since its launch, Cyberwoven has also done paid social campaigns to spread the word about Fact Forward, with the goal of increasing its followers by 5 – 10% across a number of platforms. These goals were blown away with a total increase of 45% on Facebook, 31% on Instagram, and 65% on Twitter/X. 

Cyberwoven continues to partner with Fact Forward to help this organization do its work more effectively. Together, we'll work to keep South Carolina adolescents informed about their reproductive health. 

Increased Engagment on Facebook
Increased Engagment on Instagram
Increased Engagment on Twitter/X