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Fighting COVID-19 for South Carolina

What we did:
COVID-19 Advertising

COVID-19 Advertising

“Being tasked with ensuring the people of South Carolina were made aware of and had access to critical health and safety information during COVID was a responsibility Cyberwoven took seriously. We went to great lengths to ensure our campaign was expansive and that no one within our reach was left uninformed.”

David May, President, Cyberwoven


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is the leading government agency responsible for public health and the environment in South Carolina. Throughout the pandemic, DHEC was tasked with providing South Carolinians with up-to-date information regarding safety protocols, testing guidelines, and vaccination eligibility.

To meet the demands of providing the public with around-the-clock information, DHEC needed a way to effectively communicate time-sensitive information about COVID.

Did You Know Posters

Did You Know Posters

Spring Break Facebook Ad Concept

Spring Break Facebook Ad Concept

Spanish Language Masks Ad Concept

Spanish Language Masks Ad Concept

COVID-19 Digital Advertisements

COVID-19 Digital Advertisements


Promoting Safety

Cyberwoven and DHEC implemented a marketing campaign that focused on highlighting the following COVID-19 updates and protocols: general safety, mask-wearing and mandates, testing, physical distancing, and vaccination guidelines. Each campaign required reliable information that included branded content, sharp messaging, and timely execution.

Delivering the Message Widely

In times of uncertainty and panic, effective communication is essential. In partnership with DHEC, Cyberwoven developed a holistic marketing strategy that included credible influencer campaigns and a mix of traditional and non-traditional advertising. Based on the team’s in-depth market research, an understanding of DHEC’s needs and campaign goals, and targeted messaging, the team deployed a unique mix of avenues that included a new website,, direct email communications, and branded assets for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Spotify.


Efforts to reach all South Carolinians included messaging aimed toward high-risk groups, essential workers, and more. Two crucial audiences were Spanish speakers and the parents of vaccine-eligible children.

Spanish Language Campaigns

Since Spanish is the second most common language spoken at home among South Carolinians, it was essential for COVID-19 messaging to include translated ads that targeted Spanish speakers in our state.

Between 2020 and 2021, Spanish-language ads around COVID-19 protocols and vaccination guidelines garnered 11,134,836 total impressions and 493,332 engagements across Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Parents of Vaccine-Eligible Children

Shifting guidelines required a rapid response to ensure parents could promptly access reliable information about vaccines for their children. As vaccines became available for specific age groups, Cyberwoven and DHEC quickly deployed new campaigns involving ads, web content, emails, and organic social media assets.

Between 2020 and 2021, ads concerning vaccines and guidelines for children gained 11,196,213 total impressions and 70,057 engagements across Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter.

How do you distribute critical information to as many South Carolinians as possible?

COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility Posters

COVID-19 Vaccination Eligibility Posters


Maintaining Safety

Cyberwoven’s strategy — one that included a myriad of audience-centric messaging — allowed the team to review and monitor the results of each campaign in real time. An ongoing review of the campaign’s performance allowed the team to craft more targeted campaigns, meet the public where they were, and further educate residents about the effects of COVID.

Making A Change

DHEC's pandemic messaging reached millions of South Carolina residents, educating them regarding ongoing safety, testing, and vaccination measures. During a time of uncertainty, the team delivered an impactful marketing campaign that ensured wider access to the latest public health information from a reliable source.

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