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Cyberwoven to Help SC Quantum Association Advance Technology Across South Carolina

Columbia, S.C. (April 4, 2024) - Cyberwoven, an award-winning branding, digital marketing, and website design firm, is thrilled to announce a new project with the SC Quantum Association (SC Quantum), a member-driven organization dedicated to accelerating quantum technology across the State of South Carolina.

Cyberwoven will collaborate with SC Quantum's leadership team to design and develop a new website aimed at fostering partnerships with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, investors, legislators, and the public. This site will play a crucial role in educating South Carolinians and the business community about the significance of this emerging technology, driving advancements for the growing organization.

"We're excited to leverage our expertise in branding and web development to empower SC Quantum to inspire the community to find solutions to everyday challenges in more impactful ways," says David May, president of Cyberwoven. "Our efforts will establish a platform that will empower their organization to build a strong community of experts who advocate for impactful advancements in the field of quantum technology."

According to MIT’s Sloan School of Management, quantum computing is a system that uses the principles of quantum physics to simulate and solve problems that are difficult for traditional digital systems to manage. Quantum computing dates back to the 1980s, with MIT's first well-known quantum algorithm emerging in the 1990s.  

“This technology can be used to help scientists, businesses, economists, and others, work through complex problems and find solutions in a more efficient way” states Joe Queenan, executive director, of the South Carolina Quantum Association.

The work provided by Cyberwoven will help SC Quantum lay the groundwork for a thriving quantum ecosystem in South Carolina. By investing in education, attracting top talent, and fostering collaboration among similar agencies, SC Quantum aims to create more awareness throughout the state, generating meaningful success across the field.

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About Cyberwoven 
Cyberwoven is a brand, marketing, and web firm headquartered on Main Street in downtown Columbia, SC. Since opening its doors in 2001, Cyberwoven has launched award-winning websites, guided the creation and evolution of brands, and built audience engagement both online and in person. We work with organizations in various industries, including the arts, culture, government, retail, education, finance, healthcare, and insurance. Our goal is to create authentic and unmistakable brand experiences that are infused with imagination, build trust, and inspire love. Learn more at

About SC Quantum 
SC Quantum is a member-driven organization dedicated to driving the advancement of talent and technology throughout the State of South Carolina in the area of quantum computing. The organization seeks to foster collaborative partnerships with Quantum Alliances representing Southeastern states, which will aid in procuring Federal funding to support various initiatives in the region. Learn more at